About The Experiment

American Clothing Experiment is a pay-it-forward nonprofit (501(c)3) dedicated to advancing the human experience in education, art, athletics, and the natural world through volunteerism, stewardship and direct community engagement.

At the Experiment, being sustainable means integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into all aspects of our operations, education, and outreach. Our hands on approach provides creative, direct ways to understand and participate in stewardship and conservation efforts, and build the opportunities in our own communities that will help strengthen them.

We model our goal of furthering the idea and means of sustainable living through our merchandise. All of the Experiment’s merchandise is made and sourced in the USA, dramatically cutting shipping involved in a product while supporting U.S. jobs.

We also host products from local artisans and craftspeople that utilize 100% U.S. materials, or upcycled and recycled materials, keeping things out of landfills and lessening our use of new materials.

We believe that an active society is a happy society and we promote adventure and worthwhile experience over materialism. We spread the “how” of living in harmony with the earth, experiencing her features, and definitely having fun!

Our Federal EIN is 27-0372380