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Here are some resources that are available for free to the public regarding some of the issues that we struggle with and strive to improve.  This is a beginning list, we will be constantly expanding this as we come across new information. We provide links to free articles, organizations, free journals, and then we have an other category for cool stuff that doesn’t fit in one of those categories but should be there anyways.




By no way are these lists meant to be exhaustive, nor is it meant to represent the opinions, preferences, or anything else about the organization, its board, employees, affiliates, volunteers, neighbors, partners, representatives, agents, or anyone else.

This list is made up of what have come across and what is sent into us, it’s not meant to represent anything else.

If you would like to contribute to this resource:

  • send links to organizations, journals, or articles
  • post a comment to that section. debate is healthy. respect others opinions. Basic play nice rules apply.

All information needs to be available for free, journals that you need to pay for will not be included, even though they frequently contain absolutely fantastic information.  Articles, organizations, or anything else that you submit to this resource page should not contain or promote hate language or violence, or be recruiting for any religious or political organization.  They should be factual; and not so much opinion. Science Rocks.  All articles should be sourced and credit the author.  Plagiarism sucks.

We do our best to try and make sure our information is accurate, but we do not and can not guarantee the accuracy of anything represented here.  We do not have any control over what other organizations or publications say or do, how or what they present, or the accuracy of their content. If you use and rely on this information, you cannot hold us accountable for any inaccuracies.

The links on the following pages are all third-party sites.  When you use these links you are leaving our website.

Cotton Plant Photo from the kind people at Wikipedia