Boat Building Workshop & Update on Marine Debris Research

Learn how to make a plastic boat<br />
Boat Building Workshop and Update on Marine Debris Research with Marcus Eriksen
Wednesday, August 3; 6 to 8 pm

Murch Auditorium, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Free with Museum admission!

In preparation for the Third Annual Great Lake Erie Boat Float, join Dr. Marcus Eriksen, Director of Project Development for the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, as he shares hints for building your own boat out of recyclable materials. Marcus built The Cola-hoga, his 13th plastic boat, for the 2009 Great Lake Erie Boat Float and is best known for sailing across the Pacific Ocean on JUNK built out of 15,000 plastic bottles. Marcus will also give an update on his latest research from the world’s oceans.

If you can’t attend the workshop, you can watch Marcus’ videos for ideas on how to make a plastic boat.

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