Celebration For Wild Steelhead River Cleanup, Fly Fishing Workshop & Concert

Spey Heads Productions & Soul River Presents

Celebration For Wild Steelhead

River Cleanup, Fly Fishing Workshop & Concert

Free Event!

September 10th, 2011, Sellwood Riverfront Park

SE Spokane St. Portland, OR 97202 9am – 6pm

This weekend celebration promotes ethical and respectful fly fishing and the conservation of Wild North American Steelhead. This legendary species’ habitat running along the western coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico is being threatened and their populations are being destroyed. This event encourages the community to come together to learn more about this iconic species and how we can come together and save them from extinction. By reaching out and sharing the sport of fly fishing with inner city youth, veterans, and new generations we can ensure the future of wild steelhead and the river ecosystems. There will also be a morning river cleanup on the Willamette river, free fly fishing instructional workshops for children and novice beginners, giveaways, and live music featuring The Rising Buffalo Tribe.

River Cleanup from 9am-10am

Free Fly Fishing Instructional Workshops Cover:

  • Fly Casting
  • Fly Tying
  • Responsible Fly Fishing Practices

Conservation Seminars & Live music from The Rising Buffalo Tribe

Wild Steelhead Conservation Forum

Hawthorne Fish House Mermaid Room
4343 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97215

September 11th, 2011 1pm-5pm

Join our open forum with pro guides, conservationists, and the public organized by Terry Eddleman of Spey Heads Productions & Soul River to discuss the current state of Wild North American Steelhead populations and ideas to save the species. There will also be a prize raffle at the forum.

Children and Youth Groups are welcome and encouraged to attend these family friendly events

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