Musical Wish List!

Musical Wish List for January 7th Benefit

Help put an instrument into a child’s hands.

We are collecting gently used instruments of all types to increase kids access to music education and performance opportunities.  Guitars, Horns, Keyboards, Drums, strings, sticks, Laptops, Speakers, cables, if you need it to play, they do too.  Below are some specifics, but they aren’t exhaustive. My Voice Music needs these things to start an entire new program, and Ethos listed the materials needed to repair instruments to increase the number of instruments they could give to students.  All gently used playable instruments find a welcome home.

Drop us a line and we will facilitate getting your donation into the hands of a child that needs it.

My Voice Music Wish List

Guitars!  – acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars

Laptops! – we are collecting a laptop arsenal that is being used to teach youth to create electronic music on free software.  After the programs they can earn their own computers by volunteering 24 hours of their time at Free Geek!  Laptops do not have to be new but they need to work.  We can not fix them!  (2001 – 2011 models will probably fit us perfectly)

Powered PA Speakers! – we run almost every instrument in our classes through a mixing board and into a PA speaker (that way we can turn the music down (or up) with the flick of a switch!).  We are looking for powered speakers that are of a reasonable quality.

Other Items:  Guitar Stands | Music Stands | Guitar Strings | Gig Bags | Drum Sticks | Headphones

Ethos Wish List:

Strings – Violins of all sizes, but 1/8 thru 3/4 are most needed. Guitar strings (nylon and steel). Other instrument types as well (such as basses or cellos) but violin and guitar strings would put a lot more instruments into the field.

Band repair kits – They have pads, glues and springs needed to fix flutes, saxes and such. Specific to instrument type.

Electronic components – Input jacks and potentiometers are usually what breaks on amps and keyboards.

Replacement parts – switches, knobs, tuning pegs, the plastic bits that always break, bridges, tail pieces, pick guards

Hand/power tools – Small screw drivers, drills, dremel tools, glues (wood, cement, ect), magnifying glasses, clamps/vice, work bench, brazing torch.

Case repair items – For fixing broken latches, handles and refitting the interior. Largely a selection of glues, staples (and staple gun), thin aluminum plates (a durable plastic can work) for reinforcement and a type of flat rivet.

Electronic test equipment – Power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal generators. For fixing amplifiers and such.

Get Creative!

Whether you are donating art, gift certificates, theater tickets, or clothing to our silent auction, have a  musical instrument in your garage or basement that could use a good home, or would like to make a cash donation, your support matters.  All kinds of donations, even if not listed here can be helpful.

For example, consider donating a gently used small SUV, RV or camping trailer for Ethos rural music education program.  Because Ethos is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  In particular, donating a vehicle to Ethos allows you to write off the full amount of your donation (in contrast to donating it to another nonprofit that just sells it — thereby only allowing you to write off the sales value).

Whatever you can do, whatever you would like to do, contact us and we will be happy to work with you, picking up the item and promoting your business.

Thank you for supporting kids access to music education!

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