Let the Kids Rock Benefit Show

Think funding for arts in schools is a joke? Think kids who learn music have a higher chance of ending up cool? Is the thought of no one being there to nurture the budding inner musician of our next generation of rockers keep you up at night? Do you LOVE Ethos and My Voice Music?

Prove it.

Saturday January 7th at the Tonic Lounge we are rocking out with our wallets out in support of Ethos and My Voice Music. Live music provided by Fruit of the Legion of Loom, K-Tel ’79, Bombs Away! and DJ HWY 7. There will be a silent auction featuring art, music, and a whole bunch of massages, haircuts, acupuncture, jewelry crafts, clothing, and the most random assortment of wonderful donated from all over the country in the most generous outpouring of support imaginable. Tonic Lounge is even donating 10% of the sales (food and drinks) for the WHOLE NIGHT (4pm to 2am) in support of the kiddos.

Are you intrigued? Wondering how can you be part of all this wonderfulness? It’s easy.
Join us, donate toward the cause, or (and!) come volunteer with us!

WISH LIST: http://americanclothingexperiment.org/archives/3014
To Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MZENWV4JJKPKE

Dress Up Cocktail Party starts at 7 with DJ HWY 7
Silent Auction throughout the event
Rock Show! Starts at 9
Tonic Lounge: 3100 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR 97232

For more information, contact anne@americanclothingexperiment.org

Ethos Music Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of music and music based education for youth in underserved communities. Founded in 1988, Ethos brings music education back to several thousand students every year (http://ethos.org/).

My Voice Music is a nonprofit organization that engages marginalized youth in music and performance in order to promote self-esteem, social skills and emotional expression.
By partnering with local alternative schools and other non-profit agencies they provide free music programs in areas where needs are high but funding for services is low (http://www.myvoicemusic.org/)

Our Donors (who are amazingly cool):
Rachael Rice Jewelry, Tanja Hollander, Peoples Republic Of Portland, Proper Salon, Vagabond Opera. Mike, Le Bistro Montage, Emily Morrison Massage, Heather McLoughlin, Amandine Malkovich (and yes, she is John Malkovich’s daughter, for reals), The Parlour, H.A.R.P., Proper Salon, Nomad Dance, Pyro Pizza, Portland Nursery, Thinker Toys, Topanian Gifts of the World, Peggy Sundays, Kumo Accupunture, Indigo Traders, Bouffant Salon, Missionary Chocolates, Down to Earth Café, Lucky Lab SW, Fusion Cut and Color, Ai Zen Massage, Village Beads, Post Hip CDs, Multnomah Village Coffee, Swift, Birdies Gifts, Bamboo craftsman company, Kenton Wellness, Jan-Marc Wine Cellars

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