Support the Experiment by Hosting Your Site Green!

A while back, we switched to a green hosting company for our website.  They now offer an affiliates program, meaning that if choose to switch the hosting on your site to green geeks through the button below, they donate towards our company.  Now, you can help support the Experiment, while making a positive environmental choice that frequently goes unnoticed.

“It is essential that the web hosting industry start to move toward being more eco friendly as it is estimated that by 2020 if we do not work to make this industry greener, that it will be as big of a polluter as the Airline industry.”

By using this link, you can find out more about green hosting and support us in the process.

Green Geeks has been recognized for being a great environmental choice.  They are part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership, and here are some of their awards and partners.  Thank you for choosing to support us!

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