Smash Putt & The Experiment Feb 17-19 & 24-26

The Experiment and Smash Putt partner up for the common good (and mostly for fun) This February in Seattle!

Three years ago, I walked into my favorite cafe and saw one of the silliest fliers I had ever seen. It promised mechanized mayhem in the form of miniature golf.  Intrigued, I went to the event and walked into a wonderland of silly and spectacular.

While miniature golf can be fun, it’s hardly something that I spend days and weeks raving about to my friends.  This event was different, I loaded golf balls into air cannons and shot them at metal objects (chosen for their tonality) hanging from the top of a giant cage.  I road a scooter attached to a record player, ran my golf ball through power tools, and had to negotiate various math mazes all in the name of miniature golf.

I asked to speak to the owners, several of whom were present, and  informed them that we were all going to be friends because we had more in common then they realized.  Years later, my prophecy has come true.

The Department of Culture (The arts collective that throws Smash Putt as one of their activities) has achieved national attention with an article in the Wall Street Journal, and has won a variety of awards and acclaim across the country including Pop Art of the Year 2010 Seattle and Top 10 things to do in Denver 2011

Much to our delight, Smash Putt has taken an interest in the Experiment and recently offered us the opportunity to partner with them for part of their Seattle run.  For two weeks this ridiculous, irreverent, and SUPER FUN mobile arts event is dedicating space in their event as a fundraising opportunity for the Experiment! Not only do we get to support a fantastic and creative project, but we have a chance to reach out to thousands of new members, and raise the funds to keep our programming free.

Check out there project and get tickets at:

Wall Street Journal Article:

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