Made in the U.S.A.

~Strengthening America, Strengthening Communities. Together~


At The Experiment, we are dedicated to doing thorough research on all of the products that we choose to carry.  We have made a commitment that all steps in the goods that carry our name will support US industry.  From the fibers that are grown, to the spinning of the yarn, to weaving of the fabric, through cutting, sewing, design and printing, every aspect will support U.S. companies. (Why Made in the U.S.A. is so important)

Many things say they are U.S. made, but frequently they are simply assembled in the U.S.  While we recognize the need for this in some areas, for example we do not have commercial scale bamboo textile production here,  we believe that supporting and encouraging the U.S. manufacturing that does exist is important. (why we keep things local)

We have a long way to go in regards to sustainable manufacturing, and one way to get there is by making conscious consumer decisions.

The decisions we make every day do matter, but they aren’t always clear.  We try and make that decision a little more transparent, so you can  make choices you can be sure you feel good about.

Check out our manufacturers for more information on who makes the products that we carry and why we chose them.