At the Experiment, being sustainable means integrating social, environmental, and economic considerations into all aspects of our operations, education, and outreach.  Our products and services are a model of our belief systems.  Education is key to achieving our goals, so we incorporate educational opportunities for our community in our activities.  Our hands on approach provides creative, direct ways to understand and participate in stewardship and conservation efforts, and build the opportunities in our own communities that will help strengthen them.

The Experiment facilitates opportunities to engage directly with the world around us, participating in making it better while learning and having fun.  We build programming and opportunities that reflect the current needs of an area while addressing the long term goals of education, conservation, and stewardship.  We provide opportunities to all people interested in participating, and we strive to provide them for free so that money is not a barrier to experiencing the world around us.

We model our goal of  furthering the idea and means of sustainable living through our merchandise.  All of the Experiments merchandise is made and sourced in the USA, dramatically cutting shipping (see Why we avoid container shipping) involved in a product while supporting U.S. jobs.  We also host products from local artisans and craftsman that utilize 100% U.S. materials, or upcycled and recycled materials, keeping things out of landfills and lessening our use of new materials.  Utilizing and supporting US craftsman and artisans helps small and independent companies, and the jobs they provide.  Supporting other businesses that embody our sustainability goals allows us to offer a wider range of US Made and sourced goods while keeping our operating costs down, builds awareness around these issues, and influencing wider adoption of sustainable practices across the business community.

The profits from our sales are used to support programs promoting the human experience in education, art, athletics, and the natural world.  Our programs are designed to fuel the human spirit for adventure, at the same time promoting responsibility and stewardship with the environment. We believe that an active society is a happy society and we promote adventure and worthwhile experience over materialism.  We spread the “how” of living in harmony with the earth, experiencing her features, and definitely having fun