At the Experiment, we strive to further the idea and means of sustainable living in the United States of America.  Promoting a sense of community, education and individual empowerment across a spectrum of activities is essential to the success of building stronger communities and a stronger America.  We achieve this goal through:

  • Providing and promoting education in a wide array of outdoor activities, promoting a sense of stewardship with the natural world
  • Seeking out and engaging business, community groups, organizations, and indivduals in coalition and partnership projects which encourage direct involvement with conservation, stewardship, and educational efforts
  • Supporting and creating individual, community, and institutional efforts in providing well rounded education to the American people through the arts, music, the sciences, and physical education for all age levels
  • Finding and making available informational resources that encourage responsible and safe interaction with the world around us
  • Investigating with a holistic perspective the making and distribution of apparel and goods, with all of our research and discoveries presented for free in a public forum
  • Promoting sustainable manufacturing processes by providing US Made and Sourced merchandise and promoting local makers who utilize locally sourced, recycled, and/or upcycled materials in the making of their products