Space Blobs are filled with Galaxies!

This article was published in National Geographic News. They have both a daily news section and a magazine available online, and they rule.  You should really check them out.  The space-blob research is detailed in this week’s issue of the journal Nature. Like fireflies in a mason jar, galaxies inside a huge cloud of gas […]

Free OMSI Star Parties

OMSI Star Parties 2011   March 12 – Vernal Equinox Celebration April 9 – Saturn Splendor May 7 – National Astronomy Day June 18 – Summer Solstice Celebration July 9 – Lunar Viewing August 12 – Perseid Meteor Shower Watch September 17 – Autumnal Equinox Celebration   Please note, schedule is subject to change.   OMSI […]

The Sun!

Why Do We Study the Sun? We look at the sun rising every day. It’s bright, it’s big and it warms us up. Our sun happens to be the brightest object in our universe and naturally we are really curious to know more about it. Our sun gives us light, heat and energy. It may […]