Welcome Adis! Service Learning Student from PCC and awesome volunteer!

My name is Adis I am in my second term at pcc, I am majoring in criminal justice. I am a mother of a super awesome boy who is named Damien. He consumes all my time when I am not at school or work. I love being a mom he is the most amazing best […]

Presidents Day Litter Patrol Project Feb 18, Fruitvale (Oakland) CA

One of the AWESOME volunteers that participated in our Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service Litter Patrol Project has organized his own! Join us in Fruitvale (Oakland) CA for our second ever Urban Clean Up! RSVP to our Events Page HERE Trash Bags and Sanitary Gloves are provided We recommend you bring Heavy […]

Welcome Thom Heavey and the Veterans Service Programs

Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas R. Heavey Jr. Thomas Was born in 1980 and raised in Tacoma, WA.  Raised in a military family, he served his community leading projects with effects felt both locally and internationally with the Boy Scouts of America.  In 2001 Thomas married his high school sweetheart, A member of the U.S. […]

Support the Experiment by Hosting Your Site Green!

A while back, we switched to a green hosting company for our website.  They now offer an affiliates program, meaning that if choose to switch the hosting on your site to green geeks through the button below, they donate towards our company.  Now, you can help support the Experiment, while making a positive environmental choice […]

About the Experiment

Who We Are American Clothing Experiment is a pay it forward non profit dedicated to advancing the human experience in education, art, athletics, and the natural world by promoting thoughtful manufacturing and consumer spending practices. We take 100% of the profits from the sale of American made products and provide outdoor equipment and education designed […]

Choosing where your money goes

Not only are our quality goods beautiful and supporting American jobs, but also they have another important aspect. It is what happens to the profits. This choice is up to you. Each item we carry is dedicated to supporting one of our community projects as detailed on each product description. If you want to donate […]