Forest Park Conservancy Day of Service

One of our AWESOME volunteers from Portland Community College just participated in the Forest Park Conservancy Day of Service. She has wonderful things to say about the value of Service Learning and about what a great organization FPC is. Thank you to everyone that came out and helped!

Isobutanol: A Boon for the Biofuel Industry

by Meg Hartley In the biofuel debate, cellulosic biofuels–alcohol produced from the breakdown of organic biomass–have taken precedence over the use of corn ethanol, because of the utilization of biowaste materials in their production. Recently, an isomer of butanol (isobutanol) has been created through the use of microbes to digest the plant material. This breakthrough […]

Thank you to the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

A heartfelt thank you to Angela Chu and Evan Gallagher from the Social Entrepreneurship Class through the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.  They are evaluating our 501(c)3 through the lens of Social Good as a deliverable and how we can strengthen our organization. A little about the school: As the second-oldest business school in […]

Let the Kids Rock Benefit Show

Think funding for arts in schools is a joke? Think kids who learn music have a higher chance of ending up cool? Is the thought of no one being there to nurture the budding inner musician of our next generation of rockers keep you up at night? Do you LOVE Ethos and My Voice Music? […]

Musical Wish List!

Help put an instrument into a child’s hands. We are collecting gently used instruments of all types to increase kids access to music education and performance opportunities.  Guitars, Horns, Keyboards, Drums, strings, sticks, Laptops, Speakers, cables, if you need it to play, they do too.  Below are some specifics, but they aren’t exhaustive. My Voice […]

Benefit Saturday January 7th

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Musicians: In the not so distant past I, like many of you, had access to music education in my public school. I was able to learn piano and flute and to be a part of a band and musical performances. This greatly enriched my life and has in part, shaped […]

How to Make Worm Compost

by Stephanie Hudson Worm Compost: Its easy! The worms are kept in a bin with shredded paper or other biodegradable bedding. You feed them food waste. They digest the waste and bedding then excrete nutrient-rich castings. After a few months, the castings combined with the well-decomposed bedding, become something called vermicompost which is one of […]

The Importance of Earthworms in Soil

The importance of earthworms in soil: by Stephanie Hudson There are billions of creepy crawlers on planet Earth that populate the air, dry land and the damp underground; all of these creatures contribute an enormous amount of work to our earth and environment. Bees pollinate the beautiful flowers; the dung beetle is the janitor of […]