Free Online Fractal Course with the Fractal Foundation

Mission: We use the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in Science, Math and Art. Vision: is for a world of wonder and curiosity, a culture of scientific inquiry, an appreciation of the interconnections of natural systems and an understanding of their essential nonlinearity. We see a world where everyone is mathematically literate and has a […]

Musical Wish List!

Help put an instrument into a child’s hands. We are collecting gently used instruments of all types to increase kids access to music education and performance opportunities.  Guitars, Horns, Keyboards, Drums, strings, sticks, Laptops, Speakers, cables, if you need it to play, they do too.  Below are some specifics, but they aren’t exhaustive. My Voice […]

Benefit Saturday January 7th

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Musicians: In the not so distant past I, like many of you, had access to music education in my public school. I was able to learn piano and flute and to be a part of a band and musical performances. This greatly enriched my life and has in part, shaped […]

Lets Bake Bread and Make Yeast Balloons!

Let’s bake bread and make yeast balloons! Have you ever wondered what makes bread fluffy and light? It’s a fungus (like mushrooms)! When added to the flour, water, and other ingredients in the dough, this fungus, called Baker’s yeast, breaks down the sugars in the flour and makes a gas called carbon dioxide. This gas […]

“Incredible” Dinosaur Feathers Found in Amber

Scientific Gold Photograph courtesy Science/AAAS Preserved for 70 to 85 million years, these feathers are part of a newly revealed trove of likely dinosaur and bird plumage found trapped in amber in Alberta, Canada. The unusual find suggests a wide array of plumed creatures populated the time period—sporting everything from seemingly modern feathers to their […]

New Dinosaur Discovered: T. Rex Cousin Had Feathers

John Roach for National Geographic News October 6, 2004 A tiny, earlier cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex sported at least a partial coat of hairlike feathers, scientists reported today. The dinosaur chased prey and roamed the lakeside forests of Liaoning Province in northern China some 130 million years ago, researchers said. Although predicted by several paleontologists, […]

Come Sailing October 15th in Seattle!

Come Sailing with The Center For Wooden Boats in Seattle Washington, volunteer in the boat house, learn about wooden boats, and enjoy a FREE sail!   Day: Saturday, October 15 Time: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm Spaces are limited, preregistration is required. Please contact if you are interested and to receive further details   […]

Space Blobs are filled with Galaxies!

This article was published in National Geographic News. They have both a daily news section and a magazine available online, and they rule.  You should really check them out.  The space-blob research is detailed in this week’s issue of the journal Nature. Like fireflies in a mason jar, galaxies inside a huge cloud of gas […]

Celebration For Wild Steelhead River Cleanup, Fly Fishing Workshop & Concert

Spey Heads Productions & Soul River Presents Celebration For Wild Steelhead River Cleanup, Fly Fishing Workshop & Concert Free Event! September 10th, 2011, Sellwood Riverfront Park SE Spokane St. Portland, OR 97202 9am – 6pm This weekend celebration promotes ethical and respectful fly fishing and the conservation of Wild North American Steelhead. This legendary species’ […]

Mushroom Identification Walk October 14th

  Mushroom Identification Walk and Camping Trip. Join the Experiment on a guided mushroom walk and identification trip! Come out with a wild mushroom buyer and learn to identify some wild mushrooms and collect some chanterelles. T Pre-registration will allow us to keep you informed of details and developments as the day draws closer.  To […]