Why Buy U.S.A.?

There are so many reasons to buy US made products. While many people in the United States don’t know and don’t care where products are made, it affects our lives and our economy in a real way.  Unfortunately, getting real information on the topic is a challenge for those that do care and try and educate themselves.  Many times the claim is made that a product is Made in the USA, when it is only assembled here. This means that many steps of the manufacturing process are not providing domestic jobs. It also means that a product travels thousands of miles around the world before it ends up in your home, which does nothing to help the environmental situation we are facing as a planet.

Many of us are forced to make decisions based on cost, times are tough economically. Yet, I wonder what we have given up in the single minded pursuit of inexpensive goods and the accumulation of material possessions.  We are trying to provide one avenue to becoming more informed consumers. Supporting US industry is good for America, good for our communities, and good for the environment.

Importing our manufactured goods from over seas means more than inexpensive stuff.  It means declining economic power, it means loss of jobs, hardship for families, buildings closing down, and loss of vitality in our communities.  It means stress over lost pensions and economic security.  It means promise that our children This kind of poverty is felt through out the core of our nation.

It also means insecurity about how the products are made.  US factories are subject to regulation and regular inspection.  They are subject to rules around waste disposal and air and water quality regulations.  While some of these processes may exist in some factories in some parts of the world, it is hard to know the environmental regulations, health and safety standards (both for workers and for goods) in factories scattered all over the world.

Being Green is becoming a growing US value, but it is had to know what is actually Green and what is green washed.  There are a few simple things we can do that we know is better for the environment.  Buying local is a good place to start.  Purchasing goods made in the US reduces the amount of miles on a product, thereby reducing petroleum impacts in transportation.  We also work to encourage more energy efficient manufacturing processes, offer bio ink printing options, and make decisions to lower environmental impact in our production and distribution whenever possible.

Our manufacturing, every step of it, happens in the United States, where we have laws that prohibit child labor, sweat shops, and unsafe work conditions.  While we can not know the conditions that goods are produced in over seas, here we know that goods are produced in accordance with U.S. labor laws and workplace Health and Safety regulations.